Program Video Roll

Amazing Results: 4th Grade Teacher
Directed by: Ruby Payne

Mrs. Ross talks about student success, parent involvement, impact on positive behavior, and academics.

Awesome Program: Vital to Changing School Culture
Directed by: Ruby Payne

Principal explains how Back to the Basics Program puts teachers and parents on one accord. School culture has changed tremendously. Disciplinary referrals are down in the classrooms and the students are very excited and motivated to do the right thing throughout the school.

A Framework and Common Language for Effectiveness
Directed by: Ruby Payne

Dr. Sheri Catron-Cooper explains that parents and teachers are in charge. Children are no longer running the program. The program has positively impacted student motivation, excitement, and eagerness to succeed. It was a natural fit for their school.

Three-Fold School Support Program
Directed by: Ruby Payne

Principal Marshall shares his accounts of positive strides made using the program. Back to the Basics supports the school three-fold with parental involvement, adding excitement for students and provides positive role modeling for students, parents and teachers. Allows students the opportunity to identify their leadership traits.

Great Way To Encourage Students and Correct Behavior!
Directed by: Ruby Payne

Lauren shares how the Back to the Basics Program has positively impacted student behavior, motivation and overall excitement to succeed at Circles of Success Learning Academy. The program unites school staff, teacher and parents around a central focus to drive student excellence and correct behavior.

Students Show Up with Their "A" Game
Directed by: Ruby Payne

The Back to the Basics Program has worked for us. The program expanded from rewards, behavior, and character building to improved math skills development. My students have become self-reliant, self-motivated and in charge of their overall success.

Crystal On Changing Behavior

Short clips of Mrs.Crystal addressing teachers and parents at Southern Avenue Charter School

Crystal On Using The Points Method® System

Sample clip of Crystal speaking to a group of Educators during a Professional Development Session.

Ruby Payne Encouraging Educators

Ruby Payne speaking to a group of Educators.

This is a montage of presentations, workshops, and teachers & parents comments.

A collecion of testimonials from students, parents and teacher regarding their successes using The Back to the Basics Program™ & The Points Method®.

Segment from a Parent Workshop at Rose City Middle School in North Little Rock Arkansas. We learn how to become parents from our parents.