Back To The Basics™ has been an effective program at Circles of Success Learning Academy. It has increased our students’ awareness of social and academic responsibility within the school and at home. Teachers for grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade have used the program to help establish and reinforce school-wide and classroom expectations.

The following are words from our Third Grade Teachers, Mikki Pearson and Carly Poole, on how the program has been effective in their classrooms:

Teacherpoints™ has certainly had a positive impact on our third grade students. They are motivated to earn points by being on task, helpful, and respectful. Third Grade student, Dajah Bolton, commented,

“I like Parentpoints because the teachers give you points for your good behavior and you can then use the points towards time on the computer, eating lunch with the teacher, or sitting in the fluffy chair during library.”

The points have also increased our students’ data skills, as well as their ability to count by multiples of fives, tens, hundreds, and thousands. Overall, we enjoy the system and plan to continue using it to its full potential in the future.