"2000 tons lifted off my chest"
by Marcia

I just want to take a moment to thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I really do not know exactly how to start. I was blown away by your presentation this weekend. When Crystal stated at the beginning of the workshop that we were about to be part of history. I did not know how true that statement would be for me!

Raising a teenage child as a single parent is astronomical, especially for me, someone who had this child as teenager herself. I have been faced with growing as a child with a child, so as I have had to teach in the same moment, I have had to learn. So, needless to say, I have had my hands full and have not always hit the mark in parenting. However, I promised myself a long time ago that I would not be closed minded as a parent and vowed, "I'm not going to make my child do what my mother made me do". Yet, neither was I going to be a book scholar on parental resources. I did not believe that a book could make me a wonder parent, and felt that most "observations" or "analysis" came from stiff neck psychologist who were not parents of ordinary kids or had some boarding school or nanny raising them.

Having tried everything from advice from my elders, family, and associates (advice that included corporal punishment) to just "ignoring it & it will go away". The only thing that I found sustaining was prayer. Prayers for a better solution. Prayers that my son (Jayvan) and I would not BOTH end up in the legal system. Prayers believing and knowing that because my child had been diagnosed in elementary school with ADHD, he was NOT that kind of child. Yes, he was diagnosed in the second grade with this "epidemic". We did the medicine to no avail. Medically, I know that I am probably considered uncooperative as a parent, but I know my child. I know he is not limited or going to be bound by a diagnosis. It is hard praying and not seeing immediate manifestation, but I know faith without works is dead. I am glad my faith was still working October 1, 2004 when I was informed about your workshop.

I did not know or understand the program completely when I was briefed about it, but I felt something deep in me that ignited my spirit. Immediately, I started informing others, without questions. That next day, at the workshop, I was highly impressed an in total awe. I could not believe all the research that you had taken upon yourself so that you may better yourself as a parent to your children. You had SO MUCH information THAT MADE SENSE!!!! The way you related history with today's world was amazing. I was very excited to see how this program is like a 4 in 1 program that allows parents to teach children many aspects of life in their own little world. Your presentation was so easy to understand, yet towards the end I was somewhat leery about the program working with my child since your experiment was implemented with your children at a young age. I still had not given up hope. I knew it had to be God for me to win the door prize. God was letting me know that the manifestation had arrived.

I took the program home and read through your booklet. I was very relieved to find out how easy it was to understand. It was like I had the workshop presentation right in my hand, but I would recommend anyone to attend the workshop FIRST, because you just have such a way with reaching people where they are and getting them interested in what you have to say. As I stated earlier, I was very pleased with knowing that I had all I needed in the package and that although you had set the guidelines, it was the parents’ decision as to what would be the focus areas. Still wondering how Jayvan would take to this new approach, I introduced the program to him the following evening. I explained to him that this program will show and help him deal with finances. He accepted the concept with not much to say.

Not knowing what was to come of "this new thing" and not following the traditional thing that I learned over the years, I was concerned that I had gotten my hope up for nothing. I was COMPLETELY SHOCKED that following morning when I saw that my child, the one who had to be told several different times to get up, get ready, clean up, etc. He had awakened independently, got himself ready without having to be coached...and had made his bed...something that I had requested many MANY...MANY times before with no success. I have never felt as good as I have about my child and MYSELF as I have for the past two days. I have NEVER had as peaceful of a morning as I have had for the past two mornings. It is no lie or embellishment when I say it was as if someone had lift 2000 tons off of my chest. It literally felt as though a physical weight had been lifted off of my chest. I talked about it all that day. It was like someone had crashed my child’s memory and installed a new one. I felt as though my morning had finally arrived as it does in the movies when there has been a nightmare that evening and morning arrives at the end with no reminisce of the prior events. These have been the BEST TWO days. The lessons that he has learned as an up & coming adult, and that I have learned as a parent have been PRICELESS. I believe that I have entered abundant parenting. This program has shown me there really is abundance in parenting in areas that I would never have dreamt.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

May you be richly blessed with the gift God has given you. I firmly believe that you will help reshape this nation one family at a time.