A program devised to empower parents & teachers, improve student performance, provide positive behavior modification & overall student discipline

The Back to the Basics Program (BTTB) & The Points Method® consist of research based strategies and interaction tools that enables teachers to improve classroom management, modify and redirect negative student behavior, adjust attitudes, and empower parents through the consistent use of best practices to help schools meet various mandated requirements.

Dr. Daron D. Barker founder of Parentpoints, Inc. developed BTTB to address improving student behavior and academic performance through consistency. This program is formulated to break through the barriers that restrict clear communication and progress between students, their teachers and their parents. It guides adults in setting clear expectations for positive behavior and establishes clear consequences for negative behavior.

It also establishes guidelines for managing this behavior in a consistent, balanced approach while utilizing life skills, classroom management, and parenting skills. This motivates children to act in a positive, responsible manner; thereby producing children who are intrinsically driven, well-adjusted and successful in life! READ MORE...

"2000 Tons Lifted Off My Chest"
by Marcia

I just want to take a moment to thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I really do not know exactly how to start. I was blown away by your presentation this weekend.

When Crystal stated at the beginning of the workshop that we were about to be part of history. I did not know how true that statement would be for me! READ MORE...